How long has Continental Electric Motors been manufacturing motors?

Continental Electric Motors has been manufacturing motors for industrial applications since 1921.

Our motors range between 100 to 3000 and have been selected by the U.S. military and companies worldwide because of their quality and longevity. For almost a century, we have been a trusted source to many clients and their needs.

Where can I find Continental Motors?

Continental motors are found in all industries. You'll find high concentrations in water / wastewater, petrochemical, and industries where long motor life is demanded.

Will my continental motors be built according to the specifics to the motor I've had for 30 years?

Detailed drawings and specifications are maintained in permanent files that date back to the very day Continental opened its doors, allowing us to rebuild a motor to the exact specifications of your original motor.

Where are Continental Motors Manufactured?

Continental Electric Motors uses a unique blend of domestic manufacturing to maintain our legendary Made In The USA reputation, while also having an off-shore manufacturing space to improve competiveness.  Continental is one of the very few motor manufacturers that can offer both scenarios to meet your needs.

How long does it take to get a Continental motor?

Typically, submittal drawings are sent out for approval approximately two to four weeks after acceptance of an order. After submittals are returned, the delivery time varies with rating and design of project.

Do you have an inventory of replacement parts?

A complete inventory of replacement parts is maintained at corporate head quarters in Clifton, New Jersey. Immediate parts availability and over-night shipment keep maintenance and downtime to a minimum.

What are your quality assurance protocols?

The quality assurance program begins the moment materials are received until the finished motor leaves our dock. Each component is checked visually, mechanically or electronically to assure absolute compliance with the engineering drawings and specifications.

Do you keep the detailed specifications of my custom made motor on file in case I need to ask questions later?

Detailed drawings and complete specifications are maintained in a permanent library that dates back to the very first motor produced by Continental in the 1920's. If there is a question about operation and maintenance, or if there is a need for parts, complete records are available for years to come to assure you a prompt and reliable response.

Can I get the same Continental motor that I purchased 60 years ago?

Yes, you can! Continental Electric will build the exact duplicate that you have in service currently, right here in New Jersey. No adaptation is required as this is an exact duplicate of the original design and backed by Continentals "Exact Replacement Guarantee".