Continental's motors are engineered for reliability.

Quality assurance checks begin the moment components or raw materials enter our plant and continue, almost uninterrupted, until complete motors are shipped. Each motor is dynamically balanced and thoroughly tested. Vibration and noise levels are in accordance with the NEMA and IEEE guidelines, or are controlled to meet your safety specifications. Certificates of conformance accompany each motor shipped.

Every effort is made to assure optimum performance with minimal repair and maintenance. It's why Continental today supports its motors with the broadest, most comprehensive 3 year product warranty in the industry.

Our Motors

Open Product
  • Drip proof / Splash proof / Drip proof guarded from 100HP to 3,000 HP
  • Weather protected I from 100 HP to 10,000HP
  • Weather protected II from 100 HP to 10,000HP
Enclosed Product
  • Totally enclosed from 100 HP to 10,000 HP
  • Explosion proof from 100 HP to 10,000 HP
Reactor/Stirred Motors
  • Ranging from 75 HP to 500 HP
Immersible Motors
  • Immersibe Motors ranging from 200HP and up based on your design request
Specialty Product
  • Reciprocating Compressor Motor Line
  • Fire Pump Motors
  • Wound Rotor Motors from 25 HP to 10,000 HP
  • Speeds as low as 28 Poles