About Continental

At Continental, there's no such thing as an "off the shelf" motor.

At Continental we work hand-in-hand with our customers, often traveling to your site to assess both the work to be done and the environment in which it's done. Then, after a thorough and detailed analysis, our engineers design a unique motor that's specific to your needs and resources.

Because each CONTINENTAL motor is one of a kind, we don't automate production. Instead we rely on the skilled hands and eyes of seasoned professionals. And in this we're fortunate. Our manufacturing personnel are master craftsmen.

Many apprenticed in Europe then honed their skills through experience of a decade or longer at CONTINENTAL. Each is committed to excellence. Each takes pride in the strength of his performance and the quality of our product.

Continental's commitment doesn't stop after the motor is shipped. Not only do we offer three year warranties with the motors that we deliver, but also detailed drawings and specifications are maintained in permanent files that date back to the very day Continental opened its doors. Even decades from now, if there's a question to be answered or a part to be made, complete documentation is available for immediate response.


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