Immersible Motors

Since initiating business more than 80 years ago, Continental has innovated and pioneered some of the industry's most important advances including explosion-proof motors, and oil lubricated ball bearings in horizontal and vertical motors. Now, we are proud to build on that history of innovation with our new Immersible Electric Motor products.


The Continental brand name is your assurance of superior efficiency, durability and quality that's backed by unmatched service within the industry.


The Immersible Motor Design Concept:

Continental in conjunction with our partners wanted a unique motor that could service the waste-water industry without having the need to be submerged 100% of the time. These motors are designed to be used in dry-pit applications where there is a possibility of flooding. Modifying existing submersible motors for these applications seemed the wrong approach. Why rework a motor designed to be submerged 100% of the time so that it can operate in air 99% of the time? Starting with a motor designed to be operated in air 100% of the time and refining the design for occasional flooding seemed the more logical approach. Submersible motors are less efficient, require more maintenance, and are far more expensive than their TEFC counterparts.


At it’s core an Immersible Motor is a modified TEFC motor using a blower fan for air cooling. While in the flooded condition the blower motor is disengaged and the motor takes advantage of the vastly superior heat transfer characteristics of the surrounding media.