Continental...Engineering Excellence

Customer meetings are at the start and finish of every motor we make. At the beginning are detailed discussions of the motor's requirements, including performance characteristics, operating environment, installation and service considerations and, of course, the customer's budget. Status reports are provided at key points during design, manufacturing and run-out.

Project flow charts are attended to daily. Managers trace every step from conception to completion. Their role is to assure all the materials needed to manufacture your motors are available at the right time and the right place.

Each of our motors is custom designed. That means we can't buy huge inventories of pre-made parts.

We can't volume purchase even the motor plates, because each motor we build is different. So we hand stamp them, much the same way guild masters did centuries ago. Our plates show the horsepower, the types of bearings, motor current and voltage, temperature rise and other data needed to help in the proper installation, maintenance and operation of our motors.

Why do companies purchase Continental Motors?          It's simple; Reliability


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